Brian Hanson


Professor of Geography, University of Delaware

Research: glaciology, climate dynamics, numerical modeling, with recent interests in glaciers as climate signals, snowcover and land-surface changes affecting the climate system.

Teaching atmospheric physics, climate dynamics, computer programming for environmental research and atmospheric modeling applications (Fortran, Unix, Python).

Background and contact information



Geog 412/612 Physical Climatology

Geog 271 Geographic Data Analysis

Geog 405/605 Computers for Environmental Research

Geog 420/620 Atmospheric Physics and Thermodynamics

Geog 657 Climate Dynamics

Ensc 426 Alpine Environmental Field Methods

Old Classes


Graphics and posters related to research on Storglaciären, calving glaciers, snowcover modeling, glacier forelands in the Cascades.

Research Items

Graphics from projects. Vector Correlation. Fortran.