Lecture Log/Plan, GEOG 657


Spring 2017

Everything above the Log/Plan mark is a log, everything below is a plan, everything more than a week out is still very tentative, not a serious plan. At beginning of class, this is really just an adaptation of the Spring 2014 log.

Feb 6 Course introduction, Feedback diagram. Introduce energy balance

Feb 8: KT97 EB Spreadsheet model

Feb 13:  Energy imbalances (Trenberth et al)

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Feb 15:  Transient model, Feedback, heat capacity, response time.

Feb 20: Go over spreadsheet model, Box model.,

Feb 22: Budyko 1969, GCM intro, Hadley, Phillips

Feb 27: CESM

Mar 1: Numerics of the GCM dynamics, Special vertical coordinates

Mar 6: Go over box model, Introduce Zonal Model

Mar 8:   Introduction to ocean modeling

Mar 13: Ocean models (Danabasoglu) Ocean models (Danabasoglu)


Mar 15: PDO and ENSO (Deser, Finan)

Mar 20: Introduce GCM project,

Mar 22:  Introduce NCL,

Mar 27, 29:   No class, Spring Break---

Apr 3:  MJO (Klingaman)

Apr 5:  Introduction to the Greenhouse (historical, RCPs)

Apr 10:   Clouds and Radiation(Veron)

Apr 12:  Clouds (Veron)

Apr 17::  Clouds (Veron)

Apr 19: : Clouds (Veron)

Apr 24: Greenhouse Gas simulations

Apr 26 Vegetation Models

May 1 Effects of Urban, CN, and DV (Oleson, Bogart)

May 3: Finish DV (Weiss), Sea Ice (Holland)

May 8: Sea Ice (Deser, Caldiera)

May 10: Ice Age and Land Ice (Lipscomb)

May 15:   Presentations of final projects, Summary and cleanup.

February 15, 2018 11:44 AM