Geog 657 CMIP Assignment

Spring 2018 – Instructions for use of CMIP data for final project.

Your assignment is to supplement your understanding of your GCM assignment by exploring some runs that were done on CCSM4 for the CMIP5 project. An overview of the CMIP5 project can be found in Taylor et al., 2012 (on the reading list). A summary of the runs available is at

Useful files on Mahoroba are in ~hanson/cmip, wherein the ncfiles subdirectory contains model output files from the S13 run of this course, cf contains contains output files used by Finan (2014), proc contains NCL examples from S13, and proc2 contains the same NCL examples modified to use the cf data. Each output file subdirectory contains a few nctable output files to show the nature of the output available.

What is available to you is approximately 200 years of complete atmospheric control run, and ocean surface temperature, with smaller parts of land model and full ocean model.  More output (in reasonable quantities) can be obtained at no charge, with a suitable lag time.

Your assignment is to think of some way of analyzing CMIP data that provides additional information on the CAM run you have chosen to do. The analyses you do will be highly individualized and will typically require some discussion with the instructor and some trial-and-error to see if your method or question yields anything. Consequently, I can’t write much in the way instructions. Similarly, you are assumed to be familiar with NCL and NetCDF from the CAM project, so I have nothing more to say there either.

Please incorporate your results into the paper/presentation you prepare for the CAM project.

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March 26, 2018 4:24 PM