Schedule, ENSC 450

Spring 2010

(Please regard this as a rough, tentative schedule for planning purposes only. Anything important, such as test dates, presentation dates, and due dates, will be announced in class and updated here promptly.)

Last modified November 24 (plan based on last year)
Modified February 12 following snowstorms
Modified February 18 to compensate for lost classes
Modified March 24 preparing for spring break
Modified April 19 ending history section

February 8    Introduction to course, cancelled by UD because of weather.
February 10    Defining Environmental Science, laying out project ideas
February 12  Introduction to course and term project
February 15  History of Environmental Science program at UD, reason for this course
February 12, 15, 17    Structure of peer-reviewed scientific literature, publication
February 19    Project group organizational meetings Discussion of topics, citation searches
February 22, 24   Citation structure of science, Style and typography hints for scientific writing
February 26, March 1, 3   More on writing/literature/publication
March 5 – 26   History of Environmental thought, discussions of readings
March 29, 31, April 2    (Spring Break)
April 5    Reboot and refocus, choose first oral presentation topics.
April 7, 9   History of Environmental thought, discussions of readings
April 12, 14 About oral presentations and slideware
April 16 Hanson probably definitely gone to AAG conference, schedule TBD
April 19, 21    Project group meetings – coordinating topics Finishing history
April 21, 23, 26    Oral presentations, history of environmental thought
April 26, 28    Review and summarize for test
April 28, 30    Test: history section
April 30    Planning oral presentations
May 3    Midterm rehash, final discussion of history segment
May 5, 7, 10, 12    Oral presentations of term projects
May 14    Class self-analysis of oral presentations (slack for overrun)
May 17    Summary and conclusions
(I am not planning to use our final exam week slot unless something goes disastrously wrong in getting through the oral presentations on time. Please keep it available until an announcement in May. Thank you.)