Geog 605 Computer Programming for Environmental Research

Fall 2010

12:30–1:20 Tuesday & Thursday, Pearson Hall 216E

Major revision this fall – all statements are still tentative.



Office Hours

Text and readings: Walt Brainerd: Guide to Fortran 2003 Programming.

Projects: Five short assignments in the first half of the semester to learn the basics of Fortran. In the second half, a five-part project leads to one significant computer program.

Test: three two quizzes in two parts each: an in-class pencil-and-paper exam and a take-home programming project.

Projects (PDFs)

Ex2 Radiation model

Ex3 Population sorting

Ex4 Stream discharge graphs

Ex5 Model Evaluation statistics

Project resources

FSL radiosonde format

FP1 single station plot

FP2 trim the station list

FP3 station finder

FP4 thunderstorm prediction

FP5 CAPE calculation

Information Handouts




Emacs tutorial

GPL graphics

Hanson Home Page


Course Description

This course is  a 2-credit graduate introductory course. Previous versions of the course tied it to Geog 250 Computer Methods in Geography, which is no longer taught. This lab is more focused:  students are assumed to need Fortran programming as a tool for their thesis research and beyond.