Lecture Log/Plan, ENSC 101


Fall 2015

Following is a rough schedule of course topics in ENSC 101. Anything more than a few weeks out is subject to change. Schedules will be discussed in class before they appear here. As the semester goes on, the “log/plan” line will move down, separating a log of what we have actually done from the plan of what is coming up.

Sep 2: Introduction to this class -- the course outline in one day.

Sep 4: Drop/Add day issues, adjusting your schedule. Environmental Problems

Sept 7: No Class, Labor Day

Sept 9: : Attitudes toward environment. Environmental Self-quiz introduced.

Sept 11: Finish attitudes to environment.

Sept 14: Scientific method.

Sept 16: Discussion of Paper 1 assignment and writing.Scientific literature, publication.

Sept 18: Conservation laws. Time, rate of change.  Mass cycles in general, carbon and water cycles in detail. Ch. 2. Environmental Self-quiz due.

Sept 21: Asst. Dean Buchanan: Academic Strategies

Sept 23: Visit from Writing Center. Water cycle, Carbon cycle

Sept 25: Energy Balance 1,

Sept 28: Nature of the atmosphere, radiation, the sun. Ch. 13,14


Sept 30: Library visit, meet in Morris Library 114

Oct 2:  Reference searching, Finish Energy Balance


Oct 5:  Lead and Ozone.

Oct 7:  Ozone, Montreal Protocol

Oct 9: Energy Imbalance

Oct 12: Deep Time 1 2

Oct 14: Deep Time 3, Evolution

Oct 16:  Evolution, Climate zones

Oct 19: Biomes and climate

Oct 21: First test. Ch. 1, 2, 13, 14, 3, 4

Oct 23:  Climate models

Oct 26:  First paper due. Go over first test. Back to Carbon.

Oct 28: Curriculum plan worksheet

Oct 30: Climate change projections and impacts.

Nov 2: Go over first test

Nov 4: Introduce second paper. Impacts of climate change.

Nov 6: introduction to environmental policy

Nov 9:  Policy and economics in the environment.

Nov 11:  Population.

Nov 13:  Second test, Part 2 of Ch. 14, and Chapters 5, 6, & 7

Nov 16: Registration issues, Assistant Dean Nina Buchanan

Nov 18: Library visit, meet in Morris Library 114

Nov 20: Go over 2nd test.

Nov 23, 25, 27: No class, Thanksgiving break

--- ^^^ Log ^^^ --- vvv Plan vvv -----.  Last updated 24 November 2015

Nov 30:  Soil, Agriculture

Dec 2: Agriculture, Food, Energy

Dec 4: Energy, especially renewables.

Dec 7:  Energy Treaties

Dec 9: Water, Cities, Other resource issues

Dec 11:  Closer. Second paper due.

Dec (Finals week) Third test. Chapters 15, 16, 12 (Freshwater)

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