Course Description

A seminar course intended for entering students in the Environmental Science and Environmental Studies majors. This course will introduce the field of study, both as general field to spend your life within as well as the particulars of the Environmental Science and Environmental Studies majors at UD. The seminar also serves as a First-Year-Experience for incoming majors.

Topics covered

Environmental science at UD, college study skills, getting used to UD faculty, survey of environmental problems and how we study them.


Ensc 101 Introduction to the Environment

Fall 2013

12:20–1:10 Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

108 Memorial Hall



Office Hours

Textbook: J. Withgott & M. Laposata, 2012. Essential Environment: The Science behind the Stories, 4th ed. Pearson

Assignments: Two two-page papers, the first due October 21 and the second due December 4. Topics will be chosen from a provided list, with room for customization.

Tests: Three short tests, tentatively October 18, November 15, and during final exam week (December 13, 10:30).

Grades: An series of worksheets will count for 10% of the grade. The remaining 90% is equally divided among the five papers and tests.

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