Lecture Log/Plan, GEOG 620/420


Fall 2017

Everything above the Log/Plan mark is a log, everything below is a plan, everything more than a week out is still very tentative, not a serious plan.

Aug 30: Course introduction. Composition of Atmosphere

Sept 1: Ideal gas law, customizing for meteorology

Sept 4: No class -- Labor day

Sept 6: Hydrostatic equation, vertical structure of atmosphere

Sept 8: More about vertical structure. Gas law via statistical mechanics.

Sept 11: More about molecular velocity, Gravity generalized

Sept 13: Gravity generalized, escape velocity


Sept 15: Geopotential meters. Thickness is temperature.

Sept 18: Conservation of Energy. Specific heat at constant volume, pressure.

Sept 20: Poisson Equations, Dry adiabatic lapse rate

Sept 22:  Pseudo adiabatic chart. Potential temperature. Kinetic interpretation of specific heat.

Sept 25: Mean free path and continuum limit.

Sept 27: Van der Waals equation. Introduction to water vapor.

Sept 29: Virtual temperature, mixing ratio, specific humidity,

Oct 2: Carnot heat engine.

Oct 4: 2nd Law of Thermodynamics.

Oct 6: Clausius Clapeyron derivations


Oct 9: Test 1

Oct 11: Test 1 returned. More Clausius Clapeyron, examples

Oct 13: Dewpoint. More about moisture variables.

Oct 16:  Dewpoint lapse rate, Lifting Condensation Level.

Oct 18:  Wet adiabatic lapse rate

Oct 20: Equivalent Potential Temperature

Oct 23: EPT, Newton-Raphson Iteration, Wet Adiabatic Lapse Rate

Oct 25: Altimeter Equations, Start on Stability

Oct 27: Stability and Vertical motion, Brunt Väisälä frequency, buoyancy waves

Oct 30: Radiosondes, CAPE

Nov 1: The Mountain Rainshadow problem - 1

Nov 3: The Mountain Rainshadow problem - 2

Nov 6: Diffusion

Nov 8: Wet Bulb temperature

Nov 10: Test 2

Nov 13: Application of wet bulb, Normand’s Rule. Begin surface tension

Nov 15: Cloud droplet stability -- pure water.

Nov 17: Effect of aerosols on clouds. Solute effect

Nov 20, 22, 24: No class -- Thanksgiving break

Nov 27: Viscosity, terminal velocity

Nov 29: Terminal velocity, Reynolds Transitions.

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Dec 1: Droplet growth - diffusion.

Dec 4: Force balance in an updraft, visibility

Dec 6: Heat engines in nature.

Dec 8:  Review

Final Exam week: Final Exam

Dec 11, 1:00 – 3:00

November 30, 2017 4:24 PM