Lecture Log/Plan, GEOG 412/612


Spring 2017

Everything above the Log/Plan mark is a log, everything below is a plan, everything more than a week out is still very tentative, not a serious plan. Quiz topics are main target only -- each quiz will be foreshadowed on Wednesdays.

Feb 6: Intro, Robock diagram

Feb 8: Kiehl & Trenberth 1997, shortwave

Feb 10: KT97, nonradiative and longwave

Feb 13: KT97 as a model

Feb 15: Introduction of term paper project

Feb 17: Global Annual average climate. Quiz 1 (the energy balance)


Feb 20: Conservation of Energy

Feb 22: Lapse rates, Oceans

Feb 24: Radiation geometry Quiz 2 (annual and seasonal climate controls)

Feb 27: Diurnal radiation

Mar 1: Seasonal radiation

Mar 3: Seasonal radiation. Begin blackbody radiation. Quiz 3 (geometric earth-sun effects)

Mar 6: Blackbody radiation, Planck

Mar 8: Blackbody radiation, Wien, Stefan-Boltzmann

Mar 10: Scattering and Absorption. Quiz 4 (radiation seasons)

Mar 13: Emission and absorption spectra, Lambert, Schwarzchild

Mar 15: Layers, vertical structure

Mar 17: Building a layered atmospheric model. No Quiz after snow day

Mar 20: Building a layered atmospheric model.

Mar 22: Clouds

Mar 24: Adding convection, discussion of advanced (real) models. Quiz 5 (blackbody radiation)

Mar 27, 29, 31: Spring Break

Apr 3: Surface heat flux, ground heat capacity

Apr 5: Surface albedo

Apr 7: Discussion of term paper proposals and Group Project assignment

        Boundary layer,  Quiz 6 (scattering, radiation layers cloud effects)

Apr 10: Boundary Layer.

Apr 12: Surface sensible and latent heat fluxes

Apr 14: Cleaning up surface fluxes Quiz 7 (Boundary layer, albedo)

Apr 17: Surface fluxes: diurnal and seasonal cycles.

Apr 19: FInish surface fluxes, start Hydrologic cycle.

Apr 21: Hydrologic cycle, precipitation and evaporation.. Quiz 8 (surface fluxes)

Apr 24: Hydrologic cycle, soil moisture concepts

Apr 26: Biosphere feedbacks

Apr 28: , Dynamic vegetation. Snowline feedback, Budyko/Sellers. Quiz 9 (Hydrologic cycle and vegetation)

May 1: Budyko-Sellers zonal model

May 3: , Ice Ages, presentations

May 5: Finish Ice. Quiz 10 (Horizontal fluxes, long-term climate)

May 8: Modern climate modeling

^^^ Log ^^^ --- vvv Plan vvv -----.  Last updated 9 May 2017

May 10: Group presentations

May 12: Group presentations. Quiz 11 (modern climate models)

May 15:  Review and apology

May 22: 1:00 – 3:00 (Monday) Final Exam

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